Last night I had a friend from church over for dinner. We had a GREAT time and she introduced me to Banksy, a mysterious and elusive British street artist who was in LA in February during the Oscars (not actually ‘in person’ introduced me, of course). While he was here, he dropped in on Boyle Heights – literally less than 2 blocks from my house, to be exact.

I watched this clip of Exit Through the Giftshop, a documentary Banksy directed (and was nominated for) and my friend showed me the two spots.

Unfortunately, the spots in Boyle Heights we visited are already gone – defaced, cut out, painted over.

About this particular image: “Now synonymous with illegal immigration, the sign has been claimed by artists, immigration restrictionists and immigrant advocates, most recently by supporters of the Dream Act, some of whom have sported t-shirts and put up posters portraying the family as cap-and-gown wearing college graduates.” From here. It makes a huge political statement for the image to appear in Boyle Heights.

1st and Soto (photo by Ted Soqui):

Defaced and being cut out (stolen in broad daylight? – found here):

As I saw it:

Pleasant and Cesar Chavez (from here):

Apparently it was defaced with a “$” sign, and painted over. As I saw it:

Apparently, there is another one on Washington and Flower as well (from here):

These last two are speculated to be copy-cats, as only the first image appears on Banksy’s website.

This morning I went on a hunt to find other art pieces of Banksy’s.

First stop, Washington and Compton:

Next, Broadway and 9th:

I trekked out to Westwood (Westwood and Kinross) to see this piece, but it had been defaced and then painted over already (from here):

As I saw it:

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to be more in tune to the street and graff art in LA from now on!

Check out this blog to find out what’s happening.