December 2010.

I’m nervous about starting a blog. …but I’m getting over it. Sort of.

Initially, my idea was for the blog to be focused around the topic of gender. I had even thought of a saavy title: Gender Jenga – a visual play-on-words of the process of simultaneous deconstruction¹ and reconstruction². An explorative passion of mine, I thought that a blog would be a great place to deconstruct gender in the church and media and begin to reconstruct a gender paradigm that is balanced on the Truth that the Bible gives us, while allowing room for mystery and grace.

But then I realized, that as I am human³ – complex and multi-dimensional – I would soon find the topic of gender limiting. Not because there is a lack of material to discuss but because the topic of gender ties into an incredible amount of other conversations. Conversations that I would also be interested in hosting.

I hope that this blog can be a sanctuary of ideas and emotions, a safe place that exudes love and respect for the diversity of humankind, a peace-promoting haven of unity that can be a small glimpse of the Kingdom happening right here on earth.

So here we are. I pray that through this venue, whether just skimming or contributing to discussion, that you and I both begin to formulate a healthier concept of what it means to be human. The limitations, the complexity, the brokenness, the potential, the need for grace. We are all students as we learn how to embrace being human. Welcome. Let’s explore together.


¹deconstruction: to intellectually and emotionally confront and tear down faulty ways of thinking and perceptions of oneself, God, others, and the world.

²reconstruction: to intellectually and emotionally discover and build up new true ways of thinking and perceptions of oneself, God, others, and the world.

³human: the state of being a spiritual essence (or soul) housed in cohesion with a limited physical body; the state of being broken spiritually and physically; the state of being in need of grace.


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