This morning began well because I started reading John and concurrently, my notes from Johanian Lit, one of my fav classes at Biola. The way John was taught had sunk deep into my being and pulling out my notes was like rediscovering a treasure box from my childhood. It was a portion of Scripture that has truly become living and active to me; my heart had responded to the Word just as the Word had responded to the desperation of humankind and become flesh.

This week I’ve also been meditating on worship as a response. I wish I could remember who, but at one point in time, someone told me that worshiping with the Body is in part a response from your relationship with God on your own. Coming together with brothers and sisters to worship becomes an outpouring from what you have experienced as an individual. So we don’t just come to the local Church to be filled but to give to God the offerings of our heart, individually and collectively. This is one of my current favorite songs we sing (forgive my rough translation).

“Cansado del camino, (tired of the road)
sediento de Ti, (thirsting for You)
un desierto he cruzado, (I’ve crossed a dessert)
sin fuerzas he quedado, (I have no strength left)
vengo a Ti. (I come to You)

Luché como un soldado, (I fought as a soldier)
y a veces sufrí, (at times I suffered)
y aunque la lucha he ganado, (although I won the fight)
mi armadura he desgastado, (my armor is worn)
vengo a Ti. (I come to you)

Sumérgeme, (submerge me)
en el rio de tu Espíritu, (in the river of Your Spirit)
necesito refrescar este seco corazón, (my heart needs to be refreshed)
sediento de Ti. (thirsting for You)

Sumérgeme (submerge me)”

I am on my 6th week of training for a 5K I plan on running in September. I am amazed at the faithfulness of God that I’ve seen through my body responding to what I ask of it. I haven’t run a full mile since 6th grade. I’ve always had issues with running, partly because I have a form of asthma, but I’ve never enjoyed it – in fact, I’ve hated it. One of my favorite books as a kid was called Cat Running and I adored the protagonist who loved running (and was determined to do so wearing pants, not a skirt). I’ve always wished I could run and would occasionally psych myself up to try to do so, but there’s only so many times you can almost pass out before you give up. Most recently I decided to attempt this 5K because of a friend and her amazing journey of weight loss, pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and her running goal of “1. Start 2. Finish”. As she rallied a community together to run, I found the necessary goal and accountability to try again.

I began with brisk walking around a track. I started to run the corners – and it would take me a whole lap to recover a regular breathing pattern. Less than 6 weeks later, I can run 3/4 of a mile straight, walk a lap, and run an additional 1/2 a mile. This is unfathomable. I did not think I would see this sort of change with my body. I’ve also start weight lifting to try to encourage my muscles to strengthen faster. While most are trying to lose weight during our 6 week BEAST MODE challenge, I’m attempting to pack on 5 pounds of muscle.

I used to dread working out. I was always out of breath. I didn’t feel any better afterwards. I derived no enjoyment from it. But now I look forward to it! It’s still HARD. I still have trouble breathing. But I have slowly watched my body respond. And I’m amazed. I praise God that my body is not static; that it changes and grows with me.